Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chevy Volt...The Integration of Car and Technology

The Chevy Volt is getting closer and closer to its public launch date, and so far the Volt's future is looking rather promising. In this latest video from Translogic, Bradley Hasemeyer takes the Volt through a thorough test run to see how the vehicle really performs.

Bradley firsts begins by talking about the features of the car with several of the engineers that have worked to design the Chevy Volt. The highlighted features are the available 240 volt charging station that takes charge time from 10 hours to 4 hours, the integration with smartphones, the impressive braking systems, and the different drive modes that the Volt offers.

One of the great things that seems to surface through this video is just how much Chevrolet has focused on integrating technology into the car. As you watch the video, it should be clear how much technology goes into the vehicle to provide a smooth ride for the people in the car. Bradley hits it right on the head when he says that Chevy is "trying to integrate the car into your lifestyle, instead of you into the lifestyle of the car."

As you watch the video, pay attention to the performance aspects (0-60 time, sport mode, mountain mode), and pay attention to the integration of smartphone technology (it is really neat). Further, notice the comparison with the Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius. It is rather impressive to hear that the Chevy Volt has a seemingly better experience than both of those vehicles as well.

Enjoy the video below and to see the whole story head over to Translogic.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tom Gill Chevrolet Wants You to Have Dinner With Pete Rose!

Perhaps you have seen the commercial on television by now, or perhaps you've even seen our video on one of the national baseball blogs on which it has appeared. Either way, we are excited to be able to team up with Pete Rose to bring you a couple of exciting promotions!

First of all, there is a new movie out that chronicles Pete Rose's greatest accomplishment. 4,192: The Crowning of The Hit King. Great News for all you Pete Rose fans, with just a test drive of a new or used automobile, Tom Gill is going to give you a DVD copy of this new movie!

The other part of our promotion is the part that has garnered national attention! If you purchase a new or used vehicle from Tom Gill Chevrolet, you are going to be able to attend a dinner with Pete Rose himself! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is sure to excite Pete Rose fans from across the nation!

The Feedback on this promotion so far has been phenomenal. We have received calls from as far away as California from people wanting to know how they can get in on the dinner. Check back on the Tom Gill Blog for further updates! Also, don't forget to follow Tom Gill Chevrolet on Twitter & Facebook. They'll keep you up to date on our latest promotions, get you entered in exclusive giveaways & offer you Social Media only discounts!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hall of Fame Luncheon

Baseball and Barbeque, two of America's greatest past times, converged today as Tom Gill Chevrolet and the Green Diamond Gallery hosted the Hall of Fame Luncheon at Montgomery Inn. The lucky participants got to enjoy the meeting, hearing from, and talking to the three major league inductees Doug Harvey, Andre Dawson, and Whitey Herzog. Further, the attendees had the pleasure of having Marty Brennamen as the master of ceremonies.

The event began with a quick introduction by Marty Brennamen and followed with speeches from each of the three Hall of Fame inductees. After the speeches, the attendees we able to conduct a question and answer session with Doug Harvey, Andre Dawson, and Whitey Herzog. The question and answer session touched on topics such as how best to coach youth baseball teams, how instant reply should be incorporated into baseball, and many stories of the all-stars.

After the question and answer session, Marty invited Tom Gill to the stagein order to present two awards given by the Character and Courage Foundation. Tom Gill Chevrolet was recognized as the main sponsor for the awards given today. Congratulations to Greg Miller for winning the Character award as he showed exceptional moral and ethical strength on and off the baseball field. Also, congratulations to Ashley Freeny for winning the courage award as she showed the quality off mind and spirit that has enabled her to face difficulty both on and off the softball field.

Following the presentation of the awards, Jon Warden (a former baseball player for the Detroit Tigers), was invited to the stage to be the auctioneer for the live auction that took place. While providing a great deal of laughter, Mr. Warden helped raise $7,800 for the Character and Courage Foundation. These funds, along with the funds raised through the silent auction, will work to empower the baseball driven lives of youth who are physically handicapped, diagnosed with life threatening illnesses, or living in impoverished areas.

Overall, the day was a great success in both honoring the 2010 Hall of Fame Inductees Doug Harvey, Andre Dawson, and Whitey Herzog as well as honoring Greg Miller and Ashley Freeny for persevering through the struggles in their lives both on and off the field. Tom Gill Chevrolet is excited and proud to be apart of the efforts being made by the Green Diamond Gallery and Character and Courage Foundation.

The video features the Character Award winner, Greg Miller, and the Courage Award winner, Ashley Freeny.

All of the Hall of Fame Luncheon photos can be seen here

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to win an ipad

Tom Gill Chevrolet is having a fantastic giveaway for the month of August. We are giving away an ipad and you can get entered as long as you have bought a car from Tom Gill Chevrolet (it doesn't matter when the car was purchased). To get entered into the contest you need to get on facebook and like the Tom Gill Chevrolet page. Once you have done that all you have to do is post a comment on our wall discussing your Tom Gill experience. The Tom Gill experience is simply what it was like buying a car from Tom Gill Chevrolet; this can include how the process was, who sold you the car, what car you bought, how do you like your car now, etc. Really it is up to you as the customer to decide your story and what you would like to share about your Tom Gill experience. Once your comment is posted it will be entered into a drawing in which one lucky customer will receive an ipad!!/TomGillChevrolet?ref=ts