Friday, July 9, 2010

Blood Drive

Well it is the day after the blood drive and it was a great success. Hoxworth drove their big bus out here and we had many employees, customers, and even some walk-ins come in order to help save a life. The Hoxworth blood bus was here from 1pm to 7pm and it stayed busy the whole time it was here. Last year, the Tom Gill Chevrolet blood drive was able to give 16 pints of blood, but there were six people who were ineligible to give, so this year the goal was to surpass 16 pints of blood. At the end of the day, Tom Gill Chevrolet had a total of 20 people attempt to donate, and we gave a total of 17 pints of blood! This means that we saved 51 lives! It is great to see the blood drive continue to grow and prosper.

The blood drive began three years ago, in 2008. It was an initiative started by Tom Gill and an employee, Lindsay Geraghty, who is still proudly employed at the dealership. Lindsay, who is a survivor of Lukemia and alive today because of a blood transfusion, was placed in charge of organizing the blood drive for the dealership. Since the first year, Lindsay has continued to do a great job at organizing and promoting the blood drive here at Tom Gill Chevrolet.

Tom Gill Chevrolet would like to thank everybody that came out yesterday to give blood. Whether you were able to give or not, your support and effort is greatly appreciated. This year was another great success and Tom Gill Chevrolet is proud to be able to support the idea of being a "Business of Character" in order to save the lives of those around us.

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